​​What we do...

Here are some of the many investigations, tours and events that TYFP have done in the last 8 plus years.  There will be more pictures and information added to the list.

In most of these investigations we have encountered paranormal activity and specially evp's (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

If you have any questions regarding these investgations, please do not hesitate to contact TYFP.

​Abandon Prison
Undisclosed Location

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Sleepy Hollow, New York

Arch Creek Park
North Miami, Florida

Cedar Grove Cemetery
Brandford, Florida

The Deering Estate
Miami, Florida

Kenilworth Lodge
Sebring, Florida

USCGC Ingham Maritime Museum 
Key West, Florida

USCGC Mohawk
Key West, Florida

Miami International Airport
Miami, Florida

Gold Coast Railroad Museum
Miami, Florida

Moose Lodge
Ft Laudarlade, Florida

Naples Historical Museum
Naples, Florida

Naples Parking Garage
Naples, Florida

Naples Pier
Naples, Florida

Nursing Home
Homestead, Florida

Villa Paula
North Miami, Florida

Pinewood Cemetery
Coral Gables, Florida

Abandon Cabin
Brandford, Florida

Private Residences
Undisclosed Locations