Who are we?
Welcome to "The Y Files Paranormal" (TYFP)!

The purpose of TYFP is to help those who are experiencing paranormal activity or that simply want to learn and research with us.

Our team consist of profesionals that volunteer their time and efforts and that share a common desire to explore the unknown and to find answers to the existance of life after death and what lies beyond.  We have many years of experience in paranormal research, ghost tours, teaching about the paranromal, television and radio interviews and more. We look forward to expanding our knowledge by working together with other paranormal research teams. 

TYFP originated in Coconut Grove in the City of Miami, Florida and  will soon be expanding to other locations.  TYFP headquarter is located in Vero Beach, Florida.

To request an investigation, our services are free of charge, or to apply for membership, please go to "FORMS", or to contact us please go to "CONTACT US".

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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We are ...
Ymilsis Moll (Ymi)
TYFP Founder / Marketing and Design / Investigator
After so many years of investigating and researching the paranormal and because of activity I experienced since I was very young, I finally decided that it was time to continue the research and created "The Y Files Paranormal" (TYFP)

Why am I doing this?  Because of my curiosity to find out what happens when we die and to somehow proof the existence of spirits and the afterlife. 

Do people think that I am crazy to do this?  
Absolutely, but what I have found out is that most people have the same curiosity as mine, but for fear of criticism they won't talk about it. But the fascination is there.

Am I afraid of Ghosts? Absolutely NOT. I am afraid of the living.

Hope you enjoy the information and evidence we share with you and learn what TYFP is all about. 


Douglas Kirn (Doug)
TYFP Co-Founder / Research / Technical Assistant
I grew up in Long Beach Island, New Jersey and is there where I learned that there are things in this world that we can not explain.

I never thought of getting involved in the field of paranormal investigation as my main interest is to research UFO's, the Jersey Devil and Big Foot.  Now I enjoy and have developed the curiosity to find out more about what I experienced.  

Paranormal investigation and research is fascinating and I am enjoying looking for answers to so many questions.